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Interesting times became even more interesting when the Financial Times published an August 21, 2019 article asserting that a sex tape took on a role in Burford Capital pursuing litigation. According to the article:

“A senior executive at Burford Capital has been accused of unlawfully trading confidential documents for a sex tape in a $91m

Usually, the Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) subpart of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce attacks class action securities suits as bad things, as illustrated by this February 25, 2019 article. And, litigation funders such as Burford Capital extol the value of litigation.

Ironically, the ILT is now regularly pushing out news that rather breezily

A new litigation funder (Ralph Sutton CEO  Validity Finance), offered five predictions in a November 27, 2018 article at American Lawyer.  His second prediction is below; the same prediction has been made before.  Time will tell.

“Defense Funding

“Defense-side litigation funding will begin to emerge as an important segment of the market. While routine financing

Interesting June 25, 2018 interview/article in Corporate Counsel on the expansion of the ILR through acquisition of news media, and its expansion around the globe. The article arises from ILR reaching 20 years.  Among other things, Ms. Rickard comments that litigation funding and the global spread of litigation are important developments that will shape the

Burford Capital is acquiring Gerchen Keller, as described in a December 14, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal. According to the article, the combined entities will have over $1 billion in assets and about 80 employees.  For a free article, see the December 15 article at the Global Legal Post.  The transaction

Chicago is now home to the world’s largest litigation funding source. It is Gerchen Keller Capital LLC. which just announced raising  a new fund of $475 million, and that it and adjuncts have an additional $800 million under management.  The new press release is pasted below. For even more color on Gerchen Keller and its

The US Chamber of Commerce attacks litigation funding almost everyday as to use by plaintiff lawyers involved in product liability litigation (ok, maybe not quite that often, but it is a constant theme). On the other hand, Hank Greenberg, former CEO of AIG, is using litigation funding to pay part of David Boies’ fees for