What happens when financial regulators are trying to look at and regulate the wrong subject? Even more financial fraud? The point is raised by an new article on the various “benchmark manipulation” cases, such as LIBOR.    The thesis is outline in an August 27, 2104 Blue Sky blog post by Andrew Verstein, and the

“No brainer.” That phrase often was used when I was a baby lawyer.  It’s an apt phrase regarding whether to read a new article from leaders of the Delaware court system.  Francis Pileggi at his blog on Delaware law offers a different set of words to explain the situation (his post is where I learned

Yesterday’s post touched on the disquieting situation in which businesses appear to act irresponsibly when conducting operations overseas. That is, the action may be irresponsible, but the business defends itself with the argument that it acted “legally.”  What that means in the real world is that the business feels able to claim that there was no statute explicitly prohibiting its precise