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Disruption by Ignoring Law – The Story of Many “Disrupters”

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Finally, an article highlighting the lawlessness of many “disruptive” businesses. From SSRN: “Forthcoming in The Handbook of Law and Entrepreneurship in the United States, Cambridge University Press 2018, D. Gordon Smith & Christine Hurt, eds. Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2016-43 22 Pages Posted: 10 Dec 2016 Last revised: 2 Jul 2017… Continue Reading

Economic Self-Interest and the Law: “What’s Good for New York Is Good for the Nation and the World,” Said DOJ

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Economic self-interest of course is a powerful force both outside and inside the litigation industry. Economic self-interest is in fact so powerful within the litigation industry that New York lawyers, columnists and even the DOJ in its amicus brief to the 2d Circuit had the temerity to argue that the outcome of the litigation over Argentinian… Continue Reading

Innovation in Legal Education

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Innovation in legal education – what a novel concept. The opening of the article is set out below as a teaser, with a hat tip to “legal rebel” Pat Lamb for flagging the article: “Over the last several years, legal practitioners and educators have recognized that their industry’s reluctance to develop or accept innovative ideas… Continue Reading

Big Law Firm Mortuary

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As an adjunct to a new series on the demise of Dewey, the American Lawyer now has provided a simple reminder of big law firm’s that failed, including Chicago’s Keck Mahin. The mortuary provides stark reminders. … Continue Reading

Free ABA Help to Build a Career in Law, Science and Technology: “THE SCITECH EDGE”

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The email ad below caught the eye. The topic provides something to ponder for undergrads thinking about law, as well as the lawyers thinking about a new focus. One other idea: also learn a commercially useful language.       The Section of Science & Technology Law presents a FREE teleconference for Section members THE SCITECH EDGE: CAREER AND BUSINESS… Continue Reading

Science, Cancer and Law – New Studies Link Genes and Lung Cancer

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Science moves much faster than does “the law,” and the changes in science over time will have a profound impact on the framing and resolution of legal issues. For a new example, consider that respected medical journals Nature and Nature Genetics this month published articles from three research teams asserting identification of one or more… Continue Reading