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Global Asbestos Claiming – Report on Asbestos Litigation in Nine Nations – Munich Re’s Major Compilation of Information

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Here is the online image of Munich Re’s recent, comprehensive report on asbestos litigation, Asbestos: Anatomy of a Mass Tort. The 112 page report is authored by Nicholas Roenneberg, and is Order number 302-06142. The report can be downloaded and printed from this page.The same page, on the right hand side, allows you to order… Continue Reading

Update – Japanese Asbestos Litigation Ramps Up – Suit by 178 Plaintiffs Names 46 Companies and Government as Defendants

Posted in Asbestos litigation, Japan, Propensity to Claim
In a prior article of May 18, we noted an asbestos lawsuit in Japan. Since then, the lawsuit has not received much press, nor has there been a public annoucment of the filing of the second lawsuit that was indicated when the existing lawsuit was filed. My efforts to obtain the complaint from the plaintiff’s… Continue Reading

Japanese Company Voluntarily Pays Asbestos Claimant

Posted in Asbestos, Asbestos litigation, Japan
I’m often told that asbestos litigation is essentially just a U.S. issue because our culture is said to be so litigious. However, even the reputedly nonlitigious Japanese culture has produced asbestos claims and payments. A Japanese website reports that a Japanese corporation recently voluntarily paid compensation to a person claiming to suffer from mesothelioma. The… Continue Reading