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K&L Gates Explains: Who Will Be Handling Your [Asbestos] Claims Under Berkshire Hathaway’s Latest Retroactive Reinsurance Deals?

Posted in Asbestos, Insurance, Resolute
Berkshire’s appetite for asbestos claim revenue has generated numerous interesting deals, to the least. The latest pair of deals received some public analysis in a July 13, 2017 web site article by insurance coverage lawyers at K & L Gates.  The introduction describes the deals reviewed; see the full article for the conclusions. “Earlier this year,… Continue Reading

Resolute Takes a Hit; Amtrak Wins Broad Discovery

Posted in Asbestos, Litigation Industry, Resolute
Resolute’s asbestos claims management is in the gunsights of many, for multiple reasons. Resolute just took a notable discovery hit from Amtrak and Anderson Kill. Specifically, a November 23, 2016 opinion reaffirms and extends prior orders requiring broad production of documents and/or privilege logs. The new opinion and order is  Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s v.… Continue Reading

CNA Takes An Asbestos Hit the Market Did Not Expect; More “Adverse Development”

Posted in Asbestos, Insurance, Resolute
An August 3, 2015 story in Insurance Insider reports a notable new $150 million second quarter charge taken by CNA for asbestos litigation. The full story is behind a paywall, here.  Last year, CNA took a $479 million charge. According to the story, “the market” did not see this coming. Perhaps “the market” needs to… Continue Reading