More and more policyholders are finding concrete examples of property insurers and their experts altering expert engineering reports in order to try to create fake evidence to justify refusing to pay claims. In short, outright fraud by some (not all) insurers.

State Farm is now targeted for doing the same thing during claims arising from

Rutger’s strikes again as to insurance issues. Online promotion is here, and pasted below for the February 27th conference. Agenda here.

The conference is a great chance to learn about the law related to liability insurance. Even more specifically, attendees plainly will learn a great deal about how various actual and potential sections of

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois continues to fail spectacularly.  The latest example is from a BCBS email dated December 13, 2014. It arrived in my email inbox over the weekend.

One has to ask and wonder what – if any – quality control procedures are used by the various BCBS companies. The text of

Too often in litigation, unfair things are happening, but it’s difficult to get one judge in one case to pay serious attention because the judge can not and does not see the big picture from one particular case. MDLs and consolidations can help/force one judge to see the big picture. For example, last week, I

Fraud, fraud, fraud. Some days one would think the “f” word is the only word known to some in the insurance industry, and some of their friends. Certainly they’ve used the word a lot in demanding transparency in asbestos trust claiming related to torts. As to transparency in asbestos trust claiming, I whole heartedly agree

Problem: Insurer Discrimination Against Persons with Chronic Diseases

Despite “Obamacare,” persons with chronic diseases continue to face economic discrimination through health insurance plans and/or drug formularies created and/or administered by some (not all) health insurers. Why? Some (not all) health insurers are using illegal and morally improper means to try to avoid significant payments for