Health Insurer Discrimination Against Persons with Chronic Diseases

The discovery wars of tomorrow will include plaintiffs seeking access to existing and future analytic and predictive databases and models operated by insurers. Why? In part because the insurers are further ramping up the use of predictive analytics, according to a March 1, 2106 article in Carrier Management.  A key excerpt from its states:

Access to “big data” is important to multiple aspects of claiming and payments systems. For example, secrecy in data helps some health insurance companies avoid analysis and compilation of data on how often they deny access to stem cell transplants to persons with cancer. Blocking access to data also helps health insurers make it

Problem: Insurer Discrimination Against Persons with Chronic Diseases

Despite “Obamacare,” persons with chronic diseases continue to face economic discrimination through health insurance plans and/or drug formularies created and/or administered by some (not all) health insurers. Why? Some (not all) health insurers are using illegal and morally improper means to try to avoid significant payments for