Global Tort Litigation

(Photo by Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters, and published in the NYT)

Litigation risks are sometimes self-created, are created solely by others, or are created by a mix of circumstances. This week’s awful violence in South Africa illustrates the reality that litigation risks arise in ways that cannot be controlled by any one plaintiff or defendant. Specifically, South

The Times of Malta brings news today of new asbestos litigation related to Maltese shipyards and asbestos. Prior posts covered some older claims. The new claims are against the Maltese government and are filed in the European Court of Human Rights. The story from the Times of Malta is pasted below.

"About 20 former dockyard

Continuing a policy that started in the last few years, the Defense Research Institute is once again sponsoring a cross-border seminar in tort litigation – this time in Barcelona on 17 and 18 November. The agenda is here, and the title is The Changing Landscape of International Litigation: Hot Topics.

What are the Hot

Global tort litigation includes numerous battles within the war. This week, Chevron is trumpeting the fact that it won a preliminary  injunction ruling seeking to bar enforcement of a $ 9 billion judgment entered in Ecuador because of Chevron’s trashing of  various swaths of land in the nation, and alleged resulting cancers and other diseases.   Alison Frankel provides analysis

Here is the link to a brief but very helpful summary of a decade of international tort litigation against Rio Tinto. The article includes its own helpful links, and keys on and links to a recent 9th Circuit opinion ordering mediation of the claims before considering an appeal.

Note also the fascinating career path of the