Global Tort Litigation

Once upon a time, it seemed the 1980 ruling in  World-Wide Volkswagen would control forever, and that jurisdictional jurisdictional issues were well-settled in the US  for tort claim cases.  Today, the world is not so simple, as illustrated by (among others) prior posts here, here and here,  and innumerable articles around the internet.

In a sign of the times, Kevin LaCroix at D & O Diary published an October 12, 2016 post titled:  “Book Review: An Updated Global Guide to Directors’ Liability and Indemnification.”  I mention it here simply to point out the messages implicit in the existence of the book, and a knowledgeable commentator spending the

Europe continues to see a growing focus on asbestos topics, including both non-litigation and litigation-related topics. An example arises from the new European Asbestos Forum, an international asbestos conference that will be held on May 27th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The location (I am told) “is a gorgeous hotel;  the beautiful 5-star NH Grand Hotel

In the NFL concussion litigation, the federal judge overseeing the case has now ordered release of supporting financial calculations for the preliminarily approved class action settlement. The order follows motions for access by players and media.

Contrast that disclosure order against the approach in asbestos litigation. Asbestos bankruptcies are de facto class action proceedings. Nonetheless,

Cross-border litigation with UK lawyers  and non-lawyers (and others) is becoming easier for US lawyers. An example arises from ABA Formal Opinion 464. An ABA Journal article from November 2013 provides background and color.

The bottom line is that the opinion allows cross-border fee sharing with nonlawyers, in some circumstances. It states:

“In summary

An online page presents information about this upcoming global conference on consumer products. The world continues to get smaller with increases in cross-border communication. The page provides the following overview:

“International Consumer Product Safety Conference – Brussels, Belgium

June 17-18, 2014
Thank you for your interest in ICPHSO’s 10th International Symposium. ICPHSO will again provide