Global Tort Choice of Law/Venue Issues

Time certainly flies. It seems just the other day I was writing this post about the grant of cert in the f-cubed securities litigation on application of US law with respect to fact patterns involving mainly overseas acts, but some US impacts and facts. The main point of that post was to suggest that the 2d Circuit opinion seemed

This post offers a brief comment arising from the now widely reported fact (see, for example, SCOTUSblog and many others) that the U. S. Supreme Court granted certiorari from the 2d Circuit’s opinion in the so-called foreign-cubed (a/k/a f- cubed) Rule 10b-5 securities case titled Morrison, et al., v. National Australia Bank, et al. (08-1191),

With a hat tip to Mondaq, this article from Proskauer summarizes a recent 2d Circuit ruling holding that forum selection clauses may be enforced against successor entities in the context of an entity 90% owned by the Argentine government. The case arises in the context of business to business litigation, but the same