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Takata Has Moved for a Futures Representative, But Who Are The Constituents?

Posted in Futures Reps, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues
Interesting topics are raised by a motion by Takata for appointment of Roger Frankel as a futures representative in Takata’s chapter 11 case. The case arose from Takata paying out massive amounts to pay for products recalls demanded by governments and car companies. In the motion, Takata refers to appointment of Mr. Frankel  to advocate… Continue Reading

Update on SCOTUS and GM’s Bid for Certiorari in the Ignition Switch Cases

Posted in Constitutional Law/Mass Tort Law, Due Process, Futures Reps
According to this page of the SCOTUS web site, underlying plaintiffs timely filed their briefs opposing GM’s bid for certiorari on February 16, 2017. The page shows the briefs as follows (but does not include links to the briefs). So far, the briefs also are not on LAW360.   No. 16-764 Title: General Motors LLC,… Continue Reading

Mass Tort Claiming and Resolution – Lots of Great Posts and Links at the Mass Tort Litigation Blog

Posted in Creative Settlement Strategies, Exiting the Tort System, Futures Reps, Global Tort Litigation, Mass Tort Issues, Medical Monitoring, Predictions, Science
I’d love to take a few days to read and write about interesting thinking on mass torts and claims resolution issues. But that’s not possible right now. I do, however, have time to urge readers to spend some time on the November and December posts at the Mass Tort Litigation Blog. At the blog, you… Continue Reading

In GM, Asbestos Claimants Request Appointment of a Futures Representative est Request for

Posted in Asbestos Bankruptcy, Futures Reps, GM Bk
The Ad Hoc Committee seeking to represent the interests of asbestos claimants in GM filed a motion [Docket 478] requesting appointment of a futures representative to represent future asbestos claimants. The Ad Hoc Committee has now expanded; footnote 1 of the motion identifies the committee members as consisting of asbestos claimants with lawyers described as… Continue Reading