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Arbitration Confidentiality Clause Does Not Control Subsequent Proceedings in Court

Posted in Confidentiality/Sealing Orders, Crisis Management, First Amendment, Media, Law and Politics, Policy Issues
An arbitration agreement may specify confidentiality, but does that term necessarily control and require sealing of subsequent proceedings in court? “No,” usually, is the answer according to a recent federal district court ruling in CAA Sports LLC v. Dogra, No. 4:18-cv-01887-SNLJ, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 214223 (E.D. Mo. Dec. 20, 2018).  The key portion of the… Continue Reading

A Multi-Disciplinary Conference: “Public Health in the Shadow of the First Amendment”

Posted in First Amendment, Science
Courtesy of Torts Today and Jack Balkin, a link to and story about an upcoming multi-disciplinary conference on the public health issues arising as SCOTUS makes new law around the First Amendment. Those rulings are creating even more room for difficult and important intersections between science and law. The conference home page explains the conference as follows:… Continue Reading