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2017 May Bring an End to the US Federal Version of the Ancient Document Hearsay Exception

Posted in Asbestos, Comparative Law, Evidence, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Science
2016 has been quite the year, and it looks as if 2017 could be quite the year. To close out this year, a link to Nathan Schactman’s December 28, 2016 blog article regarding the likelihood that 2017 will bring an end to the federal rule for the ancient document exception to the hearsay rule. The article… Continue Reading

The WV Mine Explosion as an Example of the Intersection of Criminal Law and Torts

Posted in Evidence, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues
A news article on the criminal trial from the West Virginia mine explosion provides a concrete example of how limits on trial evidence may induce unreality for witnesses, lawyers, judges and jurors. The article is from the Charleston Gazette- Mail on  Sunday October 25, 2105. The big picture point is that actions may not be judged… Continue Reading

In a First Bell Weather MDL Case, the Trial Judge Rules that Evidence is Admissible Regarding Other MDL Cases for the Same Product, and Regarding Plaintiff Lawyer Advertising

Posted in Evidence, Mass Tort Issues, MDL
In a mass tort MDL trial, what evidence can/should jurors here regarding 1) other MDL cases involving the same product and 2) plaintiff attorney advertising for similar plaintiffs?  In a case now in trial, a federal judge has held that some evidence will be allowed on both topics. The issues arise in the first bellweather… Continue Reading