Despite the naysayers of years ago, class actions procedures continue to evolve and expand in Europe.  A November 11, 2019 online article by two expert French lawyers provides a cogent summary of where things stand in France, including comments on litigation funding for class actions; they are Sylvie Gallage-Alwis and Thomas Rouhette of Signature

Some years back, a few people (including me, in 2010) bucked conventional wisdom and predicted the rise of class actions in Europe. See, for example, my 2010 post at

In fact, class actions continue to expand in Europe. For a timely and useful article providing news on the latest possible expansion, see “Collective

The UK Supreme Court last week ruled against a party challenging an obligation to pay fees under ATE agreements and conditional fee agreements. The challenger invoked Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The case is Coventry and others (Respondents) v Lawrence and another (Appellants) [2015] UKSC 50.  The UK Supreme Court’s July

An update on part of the asbestos compensation dynamic in Great Britain. In the UK, most compensation claims are asserted against employers, as opposed to asserting product liability claims. This past July, the FSA published a consultation paper on requiring all insurers to join in tracing historic Employer’s Liability (EL) policies so that compensation can

LAW360 (subscription required) includes an informative post about EU efforts to step up consumer protection efforts. The plans are laid out in  EU memo which is here.  A key excerpt is as follows – note especially the plans to use the EU’s  "e-Justice portal" to create online small claims processing. That possibility should

The EU follows the precautionary approach when regulating use of actually or potentially "toxic" substances used in products. Therefore, manufacturers, consumers and others have an interest in regulatory decisions. But, EU law apparently has been unclear on standing to challenge regulations, until a recent decision in a case known as Microban. The decision is explained