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Eternit’s Asbestos-Cement History Back in the News as Italian Prosecutors Seek 20 Year Criminal Sentences Related to Asbestos Exposures at Manufacturing Plants

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Eternit and asbestos are in the news again in Italy as the Eternit trials move forward. Set out below is the full text of this article which picks up from Italian press stories. Note that Italy allows the joinder of criminal and civil claims into one proceeding, a practice exactly opposite of the practice in the… Continue Reading

Trial Proceeding Ahead, Slowly, for Former Eternit Officials

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Please look to the left under the heading “Eternit” for prior articles on the combined civil and criminal trial in Italy  involving former executives of Eternit. The charges – more or less – are reckless endangerment  of employees via unsafe conditions in facilities manufacturing asbestos-containing products. The coverage this month has been light as only one hearing… Continue Reading

Eternit Trial Has Opened in Italy – Civil and Criminal Charges Related to Asbestos-Cement Manufacturing

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Trial is now underway in Italy on combined civil and criminal charges regarding senior corporate officials of Eternit allegedly having recklessly disregarded health risks related to asbestos. The charges and claims involve injuries or premature deaths suffered by about 2.200 employees or former employees. Eternit entities manufactured a range of asbestos-cement products.A BBC article is… Continue Reading

Eternit Asbestos Defendants Set for Criminal Trial in Italy in December 2009

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News articles here (best one), here and here are out with news from Italy that the criminal and civil trial for the Eternit asbestos defendants is to start December 10, 2009. The date was set after the trial court denied objections by the defendants, including objections to the location of the trial. The trial will… Continue Reading

Promoting Asbestos-Cement Manufacturer as Providing a Good Stock to Purchase

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Ironic the difference a continent can make. In the US, companies usually do not promote their involvement in current or past production of asbestos-containing products. Not so in India, where an online stock analyst item regarding Eternit Eeverst Ltd. lauds the profit in the company’s production of asbestos-cement products. It states: “The Tatas and the… Continue Reading

Proceedings are Underway in an Italian Criminal Prosecution of Owners and Managers for Exposing Employees to Asbestso Hazards

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A Swiss media article describes significant media and partisan attention focused on the first day of trial in an asbestos-related criminal prosecution of former owners and managers of Eternit businesses that for decades were global manufacturers of asbestos-cement board, among many asbestos products. Hundreds of people are said to have gathered for the first day… Continue Reading