The litigation industry continues to evolve and grow. Consider, for example, this June 19, 2019 press release by a group of firms brining opioid suits, titled:  “Lawsuits Filed by Opioid Justice Team in 34 of the 48 States Reporting Babies Born Opioid-Exposed and/or Dependent.”

Note also that the press release provides yet another example of

For those litigating drug cases, the NEJM just published an open access article with a broad set of data on medical marketing. It’s online here at NEJM.  The abstract is pasted below.


“Key Points

Question  How has the marketing of prescription drugs, disease awareness, health services, and laboratory tests in the United States

Pasted below is a fascinating press release from a proteomics company known as SomaLogic. The gist is the scientists were able to predict adverse effect problems with an experimental drug using SomaLogic’s molecular tools for measuring the amounts of proteins circulating in persons who were part of a clinical trial of the drug. The

Thalidomide claims are back in the popular press after a newly announced settlement  in a class action case pending in Australia; the case was filed by Australia’s Peter Gordon. The claims are significant for several reasons, including the fact that they involve new claims involving old drugs, and modern science can now further explain such