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Pennsylvania Continues to Change Tort Litigation

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The Lance opinion from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court breaks new, negative ground for defendants in drug cases. The Drug and Device blog as usual has a cogent post on the substantive change. The point for note today is that the key states and rulings can and sometimes do reshape tort litigation. … Continue Reading

Can Governments Force Pharma to Fund Drug Disposal Programs?

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Manufacturers increasingly need to think about "cradle to grave" expenses for products. A new example arises from drugs. Some people link drugs in water to various diseases. Therefore, some want better disposal of unused drugs – some of the facts are outlined in a brief article from Harvard online. Now, in a next step, a federal… Continue Reading

New Science and Old Drugs in Litigation – Thalidomide Back in the News After a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

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Thalidomide claims are back in the popular press after a newly announced settlement  in a class action case pending in Australia; the case was filed by Australia’s Peter Gordon. The claims are significant for several reasons, including the fact that they involve new claims involving old drugs, and modern science can now further explain such… Continue Reading

Defective Drug Manufacturing Claims, Preemption, Heparin and China Connections

Posted in China, Drugs, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues, Preemption, Product Liability
For those interested in “mass tort” issues, well worth reading is today’s National Law Journal article regarding the recent wave of manufacturing defect product liability claims arising from drugs manufactured in China. The interesting points discussed include whether or how federal preemption principles will apply, and some aspects of claiming against Chinese entities. Not mentioned… Continue Reading