Transparency as to class action damages is starting to move forward with respect to the NFL concussion litigation.  As previously noted, Judge Brody ordered counsel for the class and the NFL to put on the public record the actuarial data behind settlement proposals and negotiations.  The documents are available online at Paul Anderson’s, in

In the NFL concussion litigation, the federal judge overseeing the case has now ordered release of supporting financial calculations for the preliminarily approved class action settlement. The order follows motions for access by players and media.

Contrast that disclosure order against the approach in asbestos litigation. Asbestos bankruptcies are de facto class action proceedings. Nonetheless,

In the age of email, tweets and more, e-discovery and its volume create issues and expense that did not exist in the days of paper. So, the New York courts are putting in place new rules for privilege logs, and related topics. A June 2, 2014 article from Skadden provides an overview of the changes.