Criminal Law and Torts

Like other EU countries, Spain is implementing a wider range of criminal sanctions for corporate misdeeds, including "environmental" crimes.  This NLJ article provides a broad overview.  For some deeper background, see this 2002  Maastricht summary of criminal law in Europe with respect  to environmental issues. Environmental justice also is a growing topic for legal education, as described

Public government corruption surely is one of the most venal of all misdeeds.   A weekend NYT article by Elisabeth Malkin covered in brief an interesting story regarding an innovative  UN project to root out public corruption and organized crime in Guatemala through a prosecution partnership known as CiCig. The program is detailed in full at the CiCig

This AmLaw article by Alison Frankel details Boeis Schiller & Flexner  joining the fray in tort claims arising from Chiquit’as admitted payments to a terrorist group. The article includes a link to the undelrying complaint. It alleges a series of illegal payments, Chiquita’s guilty plea, and  claims that the payments  resulted in deaths and injuries to clients. Set

If you think Toyota is having a bad year, think about Eternit entities and its executives (not all are Eternit entities are presently related).   The long arm of criminal law continues to reach out and touch Eternit entities.  In Italy, trial goes forward in a week on thousands of criminal charges arising from deaths and

From the WSJ, word of an upcoming  criminal fraud trial in Italy against investment bankers selling derivatives to municipalities.

Some points to consider. The Italian system allows one trial to include both criminal charges and civil claims.  And, Italian law is explicit that criminal sanctions may be lessened if restitution is paid to victims. Also, the trials often proceed in phases

Trial is now underway in Italy on combined civil and criminal charges regarding senior corporate officials of Eternit allegedly having recklessly disregarded health risks related to asbestos. The charges and claims involve injuries or premature deaths suffered by about 2.200 employees or former employees. Eternit entities manufactured a range of asbestos-cement products.
A BBC article

Milk intentionally altered with melamine sickened around 300,000 thousand children in China The aftermath includes civil suits in China and criminal convictions.

The NYT reported yesterday that civil trial is underway against one of the producers and the retailer. Earlier this year, about 20 involved persons were convicted of criminal charges. Two of them were

Here is a different example of how mass tort litigation ends up becoming a media story. In this instance, the media consists of the latest story on Toyota’s battles regarding alleged destruction of internal documents in order to avoid the information becoming evidence in rollover cases.

The short version is that after suing Toyota for