Criminal Law and Torts

The lines between legal doctrines sometimes intersect. One of those intersections lies between tort law and criminal law. That intersection will be interesting to watch as the Navy proceedings move forward regarding the recent collisions between ships.  One also wonders about some of the collisions involving non-Navy ships.

As to the Navy proceedings, a January 

Imagine being jailed for two years for a “vehicular homicide” that arose when you and your car drove into another car, causing deaths and devastating injuries. Imagine the guilt for the harm caused. Imagine the anguish of going through a criminal trial and conviction even though you and the family member passengers in your car

When are corporate officers subject to criminal convictions, and for what actions (or inaction)?  The inaction part can be the more troubling in some settings, and the issues are highlighted in the recent criminal convictions and appeal arising out of the s0-called salmonella egg cases.  A July 12, 2016 post at D&O Diary explores some

As DNA sequencing gets better and better, it’s also improving and changing the standards for proof  in criminal law. This March 7, 2016 article from Science (a great journal) provides a science heavy update, focused on the work of a scientist who teams up with lawyers on one of the many “Innocence” projects. The work

As businesses evolve and change, the litigation industry often evolves and changes to confront criminal, regulatory and civil law issues arising from the businesses. That outcome apparently is at work in Chicago for both criminal law and civil law related to high-speed trading, a topic covered at length by Michael Lewis in Flash Boys.

The intersections continue to increase between torts and crimes, and potential defendants need to pay attention. A recent example arises from six deaths in a construction disaster. LAW360 has the story in an October 19, 2015 article.  The short version is as follows, as explained by LAW360:

“Law360, Philadelphia (October 19, 2015, 2:43 PM