Creative Settlement Strategies

I’d love to take a few days to read and write about interesting thinking on mass torts and claims resolution issues. But that’s not possible right now. I do, however, have time to urge readers to spend some time on the November and December posts at the Mass Tort Litigation Blog.

At the blog, you

This entry from Conglomerate caused me to see this article in Business Week on the power of apologies. This research is consistent with information suggesting that medical malpractice claims are best resolved by admitting errors, making a payment and moving forward, as described in a short NYT article covered by my prior post here. For

Non litigation alternatives are indeed being pursued in GM to try to settle pending and future product liability claims, as is evidenced by a Friday’s June 26 Wall Street Journal article my Mike Spector and Jeffrey McCracken regarding state attorney generals trying to negotiate with the Obama administration over the treatment of product liability claims

More and more, entities with a stake in actual or potential litigation are taking different paths to an outcome regarding the costs suffered by persons harmed by defective products. My personal bet is that soon there will be requests to Congress to use some of the government’s shares of New Chrysler and New GM to