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Morrison v. Berry – Delaware Supreme Court Rules On Disclosure of the Reasons Behind a Corporate Board Action For Which Business Judgment Deference is Sought

Posted in Delaware Law, Fraudulent Conveyance

It’s certainly been interesting to watch the last several years of opinions from the Delaware Supreme Court. A July 2018 opinion adds to the list of interesting opinions because it limits the circumstances under which business judgment deference will be allowed. The opinion is Elizabeth Morrison v. Ray Berry et. al., which was first issued on… Continue Reading

“Delaware’s Retreat: Exploring Developing Fissures and Tectonic Shifts in Delaware Corporate Law”

Posted in Comparative Law, Corporate Law Relevant to Litigation, Delaware Law

For business lawyers, it’s helpful to keep in mind the big picture view of changes in Delaware corporate law. With that in mind, this post highlights a new article with a view of that sort. It’s available online at SSRN, as described and linked below. The article is related to a talk reviewing Delaware law. … Continue Reading