2.5 billion lost years of life in a decade. Use of "pollution domes" to create a less polluted environment. Those are some of the consequences of the subsidized use of coal in northern China, according to this new study from a global group of researchers, including authors from MIT and Harvard. The Financial Times has

Milk intentionally altered with melamine sickened around 300,000 thousand children in China The aftermath includes civil suits in China and criminal convictions.

The NYT reported yesterday that civil trial is underway against one of the producers and the retailer. Earlier this year, about 20 involved persons were convicted of criminal charges. Two of them were

For those interested in “mass tort” issues, well worth reading is today’s National Law Journal article regarding the recent wave of manufacturing defect product liability claims arising from drugs manufactured in China. The interesting points discussed include whether or how federal preemption principles will apply, and some aspects of claiming against Chinese entities.

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