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World Cancer Day 2017

Posted in Cancer, Science
It is World Cancer Day 2017. The many diseases we call “cancer” will kill tens of millions over the coming years. Every sentient person should demand more investment in research against the many diseases that kill or maim our lovers, spouses, children, and other loved ones. See the World Cancer Day web site for the… Continue Reading

Delaware Court Holds Manufacturer Has No Duty in Take Home Exposure Case

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Mass Tort Issues
The following is a guest post by Paul A. Bradley of Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC.  A decision from Delaware Superior Court Judge Vivian Medinilla extends Delaware’s no duty for take home asbestos exposure to product manufacturers. The Delaware Superior Court ruled on February 2, 2017, that a manufacturer does not owe a duty… Continue Reading

Illumina Introduces the Sequencing Machine It Says Will Take Us to the $100 Genome

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry
The first genome cost $3-4 billion, and took over a decade; one can debate the specifics.  Times change. Last week, the world leader in gene sequencing (Illumina) announced a new sequencing machine that it says will yield a $100 genome within a decade, as described in articles everywhere. For example, see this January 9, 2017… Continue Reading

Finding Cancer Very Early: Grail and Illumina Start Another Year with Another Notable Step Forward

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science
One year ago, Illumina announced a stunning goal: find all cancers very early (stage 1 or 2) through use of massive computing power and artificial intelligence to find mutated cells circulating in a small blood sample. The lead backers of the effort are the world leader in gene sequencing (Illumina), Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos… Continue Reading

Health Insurers Seek $19+ Million of Cancer Care Costs from Some Members of the Asbestos Litigation Industry (Six Plaintiff Firms)

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry
Mealey’s recently highlighted the latest example of financiers and entrepreneurial claiming creating change in the asbestos litigation industry.  Specifically, Humana Inc., United Healthcare Services Inc. and Aetna Inc. recently took another step in recovering costs of cancer care from at least some members of the asbestos litigation industry; the step involves a recent “subrogation” lawsuit in federal… Continue Reading

Kudos to the Few Who Invest in Molecular Science and Will Be Most Able to Create a Positive Out of the EPA List Naming Asbestos as a Top 10 Candidate for a Complete Ban or other Action

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science
It’s not been a good run of days for asbestos defendants and other current and former sellers of alleged toxins. Yesterday,  under the new TSCA legislation, EPA issued its required list of its top 10 substances to investigate for a possible ban or other action.  “Asbestos” made the top 1o list. Not crocidolite. Not amosite.… Continue Reading

Not a Surprise: Projected Asbestos Loss for Insurers Raised by 18% by A.M. Best

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science
A projected 18% increase in insurance company asbestos losses was announced yesterday by A.M. Best. Some of us are not surprised. Indeed, over the last two years, some of us wrote and sold two different white papers that explained why insurer losses would be going up (here and here). The white papers, it appears, helped… Continue Reading

Asbestos Defendants Take Another Strong Hit; the Rost Ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry
2016 has not been a good year for defendants in asbestos cases. The point has been illustrated several times. A prime example is the Dummit opinion from the New York Court of Appeals; it delivered  “very bad news”  for defendants in asbestos cancer cases, as explained by some smart product liability lawyers.  More bad news… Continue Reading

Asbestos, Science and the 2017 ACI Conference in Philadelphia

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Science
Science, law and mass torts are increasingly intersecting and driving change.  The cancer research and medical communities are currently at the height of their conferences and workshop seasons, with recently completed and upcoming cancer conferences all over the US and indeed the world. In 2017, the medical and scientific data from 2016 will increasingly move… Continue Reading

Peyton Manning, Multidisciplinary Teams, and $88 Million of New Talc Verdict Losses for Some Talc Defendants and Some Insurers

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Science
Last week brought $88 million of losses for insurers and others in “talc” verdicts. A recent talk by Peyton Manning to insurance executives highlights the need for multidisciplinary teams if insurers and others actually wish to have a more complete understanding of contingent risks, such as talc claims. Manning’s comments are described in an October… Continue Reading

Cancer and Aging: Big Picture Numbers

Posted in Cancer, Litigation Industry
Are you wondering about the future of toxic tort cancer litigation over the next few decades?  Consider these numbers from an article in Cancer Today from the head of the Kimmel cancer center at Johns Hopkins. “The American Cancer Society forecasts that nearly 
1.7 million new cancer cases (more than 4,600 each day) and nearly… Continue Reading

Local Media Story: Welding Rod Verdict for Mesothelioma Plaintiff Due to Asbestos Content

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry
Welding rods with asbestos are back at issue, with a new loss for the defense side in a mesothelioma case, if one accepts as accurate a media story from Friday, Oct0ber 21, 2016. Specifically, the story identifies the defendant and product at issue as follows: “According to a statement from McKinney’s lawyer, Andrew Kelly with Wylder… Continue Reading

An Old Reinsurance Joke About the Next Asbestos, and Ostrich Irony

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science
A friend let me know the following humor appeared this week on The Insurance Insider, along with some praise for Praedicat and its compilation of data on “the next asbestos.” I certainly join in both the joke and the praise for Praedicat, which I’ve been praising – in public – since 2014. Ironically, the insurance… Continue Reading

Mesothelioma Day – Invest Against the Disease Through The Meso Foundation (formerly MARF)

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Science
Today is Mesothelioma Day. It’s a day to regret so many unintended deaths, and to invest in research to stop or slow the disease. It’s therefore an especially good day to contribute to the research fund at The Meso Foundation (formerly MARF). “It is the only non-profit organization dedicated to ending mesothelioma and the suffering caused… Continue Reading

Bike Brakes, Cancer and Mutated Genes: The Analogies Become More Complex With More Focus on Interactions Between Genes

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Science
                Deeply understanding interactions between genes is one of the next frontiers for molecular researchers. As a result of 15 years of work, researchers have now accomplished another big step for genetic understanding, and the result is being published this month. This new study establishes the general fact… Continue Reading

Now Online – The 2016 Version – New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation, and Under-Reserved Insurers

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Science
Back in 2008, this blog started up because of my view that new and increasing intersections between science and law would drive many events, including the development and expansion of asbestos litigation.  Today, following and understanding the relevant science is even more daunting and complex  because of the exponential explosion in molecular science data and… Continue Reading

Hartford is Thinking About “Bigger Solutions” to “More Forcefully Address” Still Rising Asbestos Expenses

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science, Uncategorized
Will insurers and analysts ever stop being surprised by the demographics and science of asbestos litigation? See below for a quote from a sell side analyst’s August 7, 2016 take on Hartford and its upsized asbestos charges, and thinking of a “more forceful” approach. It’s from Keefe, Bruyette & Woods: “Asbestos and Environmental: Although HIG’s… Continue Reading

Walmart Wants 8 Chemicals Out of Products it Sells: Management of D&O Risk, Reputation Risk and Liability Risk?

Posted in Cancer, Litigation Industry, Reputation Risk, Science, TSCA
Walmart wants 8 chemicals out of products it sells, according to a July 20, 2016 article in Bloomberg.  Is this management of D&O risk because of Caremark duties to put in place systems to identify and manage corporate risks? Is it TSCA fall out? Is it abstract concern for customers? Is it risk management as… Continue Reading

New Genetic Sequencing Hub in Australia – How Much Mesothelioma Tumor Sequencing to Follow?

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science
Australia has a new genomics hub for sequencing DNA and tumors, as described in this July 14 story at its website. Vice-President Biden went over for its opening. A goal? Exchange anonymized germline and somatic data on DNA (and more) for 60,000 persons with cancer. In view of the large amount of mesothelioma in Australia,… Continue Reading