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ICD-10 Coding for Cancers; Changes Ahead, New Knowledge Will Follow

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After various delays, the new, more detailed ICD-10 coding takes effect in October. The ICD-10 coding is more detailed than is current coding in terms of identifying cancers by type, subtype and location. New knowledge inevitably will follow from better data. This page provides examples of the new oncology coding in general. Here are examples of… Continue Reading

“Patent Think” Retreats on Discovery of Nature, and Use of Math

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“Patent think” continues to retrench and retrace after SCOTUS’ series of unanimous rulings that ended patents for discovery of laws of nature, and for most applications of math. A cogent summary of the rulings is provided in a July 21, 2015 blog post by John Conley at the Genomics Law Report.  Unlike some never say… Continue Reading

Some Sort of Encouraging News Regarding Immunotherapy to Treat Mesothelioma and Other Awful Tumors

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The ongoing annual AACR meeting this week included some sort of encouraging (but far from final) news on using immunotherapy to counter mesothelioma and other awful tumors (pancreatic and ovarian tumors). The news is from an abstract for a paper focused on a research project using immunotherapy to treat tumors that express a protein known as… Continue Reading

Anti-PD-1 Therapy Shows Some Promise for Treating Pleural Mesothelioma

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The ongoing annual AACR meeting this week included some fairly encouraging clinical trial news for treatment of pleural mesothelioma. One portion of the news arises from a 25 person clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania. Of those 25 persons, 28% (7) obtained an apparent regression of the tumor and another 48% (12) obtained “stable disease.”… Continue Reading

Cancer Research and Clinical Trials Can Produce Great Results – the Wendy Harpham Example

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As a nation, we are grossly under invested in cancer research and clinical trials. Pessimists say we can never beat the various diseases we call cancer. Not so. For some proof, consider the story of  Wendy Harpham, an internist. Wendy today is alive and thriving some 23+ years after she was first diagnosed with indolent lymphoma.… Continue Reading

Lawyers on All Sides Soon Will See More and More Reports on Tumor Mutations

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Changes in the world of science mean that tort lawyers of today and tomorrow soon will see and learn far more about genomic mutations in tumors. Why? Because genomic analysis of tumors is becoming even more common place, and concrete steps are underway to increase the amount of and efficacy of genomic testing of tumors.… Continue Reading

An Important New Paper on Mesotheliomas: “Germline Mutation of Bap1 Accelerates Development of Asbestos-Induced Malignant Mesothelioma”

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A June 13, 2014  paper by Dr. Joseph Testa and colleagues expands the ongoing investigation into the relationships among mesothelioma, asbestos fibers, pleural and peritoneal exposures, and the BAP1 mutation (both germline and somatic mutations are under investigation). The research involves creation of a line of “knockout” mice with the BAP1 mutation, and then monitoring… Continue Reading

More Evidence Regarding Epigenetics and Cancer

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Evidence continues to accumulate regarding epigenetic changes and cancer. A May 30, 2014 article in ScienceDaily reports on a breast cancer study finding epigenetic differences between cancerous and non-cancerous breast tissue. The differences involve “methylation,” which essentially boils down to chemical changes that can turn a gene on or off, and thus turn on or… Continue Reading

Mutation Analysis for Blood and Lymph Cancers – The Foundation Medicine Heme Test

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Yesterday’s post pointed out the new solid tumor mutation test offered by Foundation Medicine.  The molecular biology revolution also applies to blood cancers; as taken from a recent Foundation Medicine press release, set out below is a description of Foundation Medicine’s new test for mutations in blood and lymph cancers: “About FoundationOne® Heme FoundationOne Heme… Continue Reading

“A Retrospective on the War on Cancer”

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The diseases  we collectively call cancer are both simple in concept (cell immortality leads to a tumor) and complex to treat (almost all tumors mutate throughout their course, and some mutate in response to chemotherapies, radiation or other treatments.) With that in mind, Gina Kolata at the NYT highlights a new retrospective on "the war on… Continue Reading

Canada Seeing Increases in Occupational Cancer Claiming

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A new paper by Bianco and Demers – available here at no charge – concludes that Canada is seeing notable  increases in occupational cancer claiming. The claiming of course includes lung cancer and mesothelioma claiming tied to workplace exposures. Other carcinogens also are implicated, but their impacts are not yet clear. A key paragraph provides… Continue Reading

More Positive News on Treating Blood Cancers Through the Immune System Instead of Chemotherapies

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A good weekend for news on progress against blood cancers. The news is coming out now because the weekend and first part of this week are the dates for the annual meeting of ASH (the American Society of Hematology), the major national group of researchers and doctors focused on blood diseases, including cancers arising in… Continue Reading

Sponsored Research and Disclosure of Funding Sources – The Conversation Moves to the Higher Level of Meta -Analyses

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Lives can hang in the balance when reports are written to summarize the results of medical studies.  Sadly, some scientists do commit fraud, and others allow their conclusions to be skewed.   A prime example of scientific fraud became public in 2000. Sadly, the fraud arose in the scientific literature on breast cancer treatments. In an editorial letter by  Dr. George W. Sledge,… Continue Reading

“Enlisting the Dying for Clues to Save Others”

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The latest article in Amy Harmon’s continuing NYT series on cancer research is a wrenching article she titles:   Enlisting the Dying for Clues to Save Others.  The article focuses on doctors using tumor tissue samples to test theories on why cancer relapses occur. The article deserves reading for many reasons. One is to understand the promising science.… Continue Reading

Science, the Journal, and the Profession, Once Again Indict Tobacco Smoke for Lung Diseases

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Science long ago indicted  tobacco smoke for causing multiple diseases.  But scientist could not explain exactly how the harms were caused. Today, there are increasing insights into the cellular mechanisms at work.  This September 2, 2010  article from ScienceDaily summarizes a September 2, 2010 article from Science, one of the world”s best professional journals for science. The bottom line… Continue Reading

Tobacco Wars Continue: California Secretary of State Certifies Ballot Initiative to Raise Tobacco Tax by $ 1 per pack, with Funds to Benefit Cancer Research

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Tobacco sales continue today thanks to "big tobacco" long ago obtaining federal law preemption against most product liability claims. The industry strategy was both brilliant and deadly. Then, when litigation risks were closing in from cost recovery lawsuits by the states, the tobacco settlement kept the industry moving ahead as it locked states into enjoying the tax… Continue Reading