A tobacco company is the latest entity to use bankruptcy to try to limit its obligations for a mass tort. This instance, however, is different because the bankruptcy is in Canada, ownership of the tobacco entities ties to Japan, and the bankruptcy follows on after restructuring efforts that a trial judge viewed as probably illegal

January 14, 2019 articles around the web describe PG&E moving to file chapter 11 due to risks and potential liabilities. One of the articles, at the WSJ, describes PG&E equipment as playing a role in some 1,500 fires, some massive.

As with numerous past filers of chapter 11, one of the key problems

Defendants related to uber-sized Lyondell Chemical are now seeking to use a recent chapter 11 injunction to try to bar claims that benzene caused a blood cancer. The defense motion makes no mention of the chapter 11 proceeding including any “futures representative” type of person acting on behalf of future claimants. The motion also makes

The Stern related opinions continue from SCOTUS. It will be interesting to see the impact for mass tort bankruptcies. A May 26, 2015 article from LAW360 explains:

Law360, New York (May 26, 2015, 10:33 AM ET) — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that bankruptcy courts have the authority to make final decisions on