“Protection gaps” are one of the results of the failure of state regulation of most forms of insurance. The gap problem – as it exists for property insurance – will be discussed in detail at an upcoming conference at Rutgers Law School, with an interesting and economically diverse set of business community speakers, and truly

Here is the link to juror comments on the $ 37 million bad faith verdict for rescission of a health care policy. Some excerpts are pasted below:

“In the case of Jennifer Latham, who was badly injured in 2005 when her car was broadsided by a meth dealer fleeing cops, Assurant denied her claim because ambiguous

A bit of shameless self-promotion today for my new law firm. One of my new partners, Mike Childress, had an interesting interview this past week with Larry Smith on the BulletProof Blog. The blog is written by the Levick Strategic Communications firm that focuses on crisis management issues, usually for corporations. As part of the work, the principals of Levick continually reach out to