The global spread of litigation is increasing, and so are the indicators of even more litigation ahead.  Examples keep popping up in India. For example, this past October, the Time of India ran a story on judicial and administrative proceedings aimed at obtaining compensation for former asbestos mine workers. This morning there is  a Times of India story on the former

Asbestos litigation in Japan continues to grow. On December 1, 2010,  Honda lost in a mesothelioma claim,  and was ordered to pay 54 million yen in compensation, which is about $ 650,000. A Japan Today article reporting the judgment  is here, and is pasted below.


TOKYO (Kyodo) — Honda Motor Co. was ordered Wednesday

Here’s another example of global activism regarding asbestos.  Here is the article online; the full text is pasted below.

February 1, 2010

Indian workers rebuke Quebec over asbestos

By CBC News

Unionized workers and activists in India capitalized on Quebec’s trade mission this week to blast the province for its active role on the global asbestos market.

Here is the online image of Munich Re’s recent, comprehensive report on asbestos litigation, Asbestos: Anatomy of a Mass Tort. The 112 page report is authored by Nicholas Roenneberg, and is Order number 302-06142. The report can be downloaded and printed from this page.
The same page, on the right hand side, allows you

Here is an interesting AmLaw post on the Korean government seeking to deregulate legal services and end restrictions on nonlawyers investing in and providing legal services. The key excerpts say:

“The Korean government is planning a major deregulation of the nation’s legal and other professional services markets, the Korea Herald reports.

At a government

One factor behind asbestos litigation is the amount of media attention focused on asbestos. Accordingly, it’s telling to see the increasing media attention around the globe. A current example arises as the Korean media focuses attention on products with talc that may or may not contain asbestos fibers. A Korea Times article of April 5