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Order on Damages in a UK Mesothelioma Case

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Comparing mesothelioma cases damages in the UK to similar damages in the US usually produces some amazement. A January 13, 2017 UK trial court ruling is online here, and well worth reading for comparative purposes. The case involves a successful entrepreneur, now in mid-70s, and fated to die of pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma from tradesman… Continue Reading

Swiss Create New Fund to Pay Compensation to Persons with Asbestos Related Diseases

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As reported by Laurie Kazan Allen at the IBAS web site and in other places, a new fund has been created in Switzerland to pay compensation to persons suffering from asbestos-related diseases. The Swiss Info channel reported the news in a December 19, 2016 online article. The following are excerpts from the article: “A CHF100… Continue Reading

Commentary on Mesotheliomas Around the World: “A Global View of Mesotheliomas and Asbestos Litigation: Both Are Many Years Away From Peaking When Looking Outside the US”

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The global toll of mesothelioma is daunting, and has been detailed by Julian Peto, PhD, in a range of articles and presentations. The article and presentations by Peto are wonderful, but complex to the point some find them hard to use. Therefore, back in 2012, Jessica Horewitz and I worked together to write an article… Continue Reading

Cape Asbestos – Still in Play – This Time for 3 Consecutive Cancers

Posted in Amphibole Fibers, Asbestos, Asbestos Mining, International Asbestos, Lung Cancer Claims
A July 3, 2015 article in The Northern Echo in the UK brings news of another suit against Cape entities. Mr. Stephenson, the plaintiff, has gone three rounds with cancer:  “Colin Stephenson, 66, had his voicebox removed due to cancer in 2009, lost part of his lung to the disease six months later and is… Continue Reading

1st Annual European Asbestos Forum, Including a Focus on Lung Cancer and Asbestos

Posted in Asbestos, Global Tort Litigation, International Asbestos, Lung Cancer Claims
Europe continues to see a growing focus on asbestos topics, including both non-litigation and litigation-related topics. An example arises from the new European Asbestos Forum, an international asbestos conference that will be held on May 27th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The location (I am told) “is a gorgeous hotel;  the beautiful 5-star NH Grand Hotel… Continue Reading

40% Increase – “Growing numbers of steelworkers are making asbestos related health claims dating back up to 60 years, lawyers say”

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A pop quiz:  Does the  “growing numbers of steelworkers” headline refer to former steelworkers in Pennsylvania, Ohio or both? The correct answer is: Wales. The April 3, 2015 article from Wales Online begins as follows: “Large numbers of steelworkers are coming forward to make asbestos-related health claims connected with their work at a number of… Continue Reading

Eternit Faces Lawsuits in Columbia for Two Familial Cancers (a Lung Cancer and a Mesothelioma)

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At the IBAS News Archive for January , 015, Laurie Kazan Allen reported that Eternit is now facing asbestos lawsuits in Columbia. The first lawsuit is said to involve  a father dying of lung cancer and then his son dying of mesothelioma; the father worked at an Eternit factory in Columbia.… Continue Reading

Will Switzerland Create a 20 or 30 Year Statute of Limitations for Asbestos Disease?

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If one can believe the Google translate version of this web page from Swiss media, senior Swiss officials are thinking about creating an extended statute of limitations for asbestos diseases – perhaps 20-30 years. The extended statute option apparently is being explored now that the Swiss government has declined union requests to create an asbestos… Continue Reading

James Hardie Reports Rising Mesothelioma Claims and Expenses, Contrary to Prior Projections

Posted in Asbestos, Australia, International Asbestos
Rising mesothelioma claims and expenses, exceeding projections. That’s the May 22, 2014 financial word from Australia’s James Hardie. An ABC News story is here. This “investors” page for James Hardie includes links to download Hardie’s May 22, 2014 press release, and KPMG’s March 31, 2014 report on expenses  for the James Hardie asbestos trust. Unlike… Continue Reading

“Why insurers should fund medical research, By Dr John Moore-Gillon British Lung Foundation”

Posted in Asbestos, Asbestos Trusts, International Asbestos
It’s good to see more people openly suggesting that insurers should be funding medical research on mesothelioma. The same principles also apply more broadly. Mesothelioma research should be funded by asbestos trusts, futures representatives, asbestos defendants, and unions. Set out below are excerpts from an article on the subject from the BBC on Sunday April… Continue Reading

Now a Swiss Court Has Convicted Eternit Officials for Asbestos-related Actions

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Non-partisan media and Laurie Kazan-Allen/IBAS (see Dec. 30 story) are both reporting on a Swiss court issuing orders convicting Eternit officials for some form of homicide related to asbestos exposures in manufacturing plant employees. If Google translate can be trusted, the case appears to involve a mesothelioma in a man who worked for Eternit for only… Continue Reading

Wales Joins the Governments Seeking to Recover Medical Costs from Asbestos Defendants and/or Insurers

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The BBC reports that Wales recently adopted a previously debated law that allows the government to recoup medical costs from an asbestos defendant or insurer found responsible for the injuries that were treated. A prior version of the bill is here. The Association of British Insurers opposed the bill – it’s letter is here, along… Continue Reading