On this our nation’s anniversary of its independence, you may find interesting/amazing a Pravda article on 1940s era use of cement bombs made from asbestos cement. And, by the way, this post was written long ago but set to post today. http://english.pravda.ru/main/18/87/344/10033_concrete.html

Soviet Invention of the 1940s: Concrete Bombs

20.05.2003 Source: URL: http://english.pravda.ru/russia/2851-concrete-0

Although the

One factor behind asbestos litigation is the amount of media attention focused on asbestos. Accordingly, it’s telling to see the increasing media attention around the globe. A current example arises as the Korean media focuses attention on products with talc that may or may not contain asbestos fibers. A Korea Times article of April 5

Another unique asbestos use popped up this morning – asbestos cloth (a common thing) but this time used to wrap around and preserve old wax records placed into a lead and iron time capsule created in 1907 for the Paris Opera by the promotion-minded developer of the wax record recordngs systems. The NYT article is