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Asbestos Product Catalogs For Sale Online – The Perfect Item For Claimants Against Chapter 11 Trusts

Posted in Asbestos Photos, Asbestos Trusts, Litigation Industry
                                         For several years, it’s been well known that eBay traders could make some money selling to plaintifff and defense lawyers old asbestos-containing products, including even old vehicles. Typically the products were acquired for use as trial exhibits.  Now,  this online web site  is trying a new marketing approach –  advertising old asbestos product catalogs as perfect items for claimants… Continue Reading

Asbestos Pictures – Great McCord Museum Collection of Photos and Text on Canadian Asbestos Mining Circa 1890s -1930s

Posted in Asbestos Photos, Mass Tort Issues
It’s a long story as to why, but I stumbled across some online and historic pictures of asbestos-mining and processing. The collection is presented by the McCord Museum of Montreal, which looks to be quite an interesting place. Its online presentations include a great collection of photographs and text showing asbestos mining in Canada starting… Continue Reading