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Cape Asbestos – Still in Play – This Time for 3 Consecutive Cancers

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A July 3, 2015 article in The Northern Echo in the UK brings news of another suit against Cape entities. Mr. Stephenson, the plaintiff, has gone three rounds with cancer:  “Colin Stephenson, 66, had his voicebox removed due to cancer in 2009, lost part of his lung to the disease six months later and is… Continue Reading

Asbestos Mining Investment Apparently Will Go Forward at Quebec’s Jeffrey Mine – Folly or Not

Posted in Asbestos Mining
This story from the Montreal Gazette recounts apparent new investment in asbestos mining in Quebec’s Jeffery mine. It’s disappointing that the reporting lacks substance, and instead is limited to regurgitating spin. An informed reporter (increasingly, an oxymoron), would ask whether the Jeffrey Mine’s chrysotile, like many others,  includes the far more carcinogenic amphibole fibers. One would also… Continue Reading

Asbestos, Canada Tries to Define Its Future After Over a Hundred Years as Home to the Old Jeffrey Chrysotile Mine Once Owned by Johns-Manville

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Johns-Manville for many years owned the chrysotile mine in the Canadian town of Asbestos. The town is northeast of Montreal, and not too far north of Vermont.  A story from the Montreal Gazette describes some history, the current effort to find the money to finish a proposed underground asbestos mine, and various other alternatives, such as… Continue Reading