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Lung Cancer Claims Take Center Stage for a HarrisMartin Asbestos Litigation Conference

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Some see lung cancer claiming as associated only with the Napoli Bern law firm. But that’s not correct.  More and more, members of the Motley Rice firm (and some other firms) are talking about and taking action regarding lung cancer claims, both in and out of  asbestos litigation. Consider, for example, that the Motley Rice… Continue Reading

“KLS Equity to Open Second Round of Asbestos Advertising”

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The mass tort world never ceases to amaze. Asbestos litigation advertising apparently includes the group approach described in the the press release below. “KLS Equity to Open Second Round of Asbestos Advertising Daniel Spence of KLS Equity to lead second round of funding. September 29, 2014 06:04 ET | Source: KLS Media NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., Sept. 29,… Continue Reading

Asbestos Science at ACI’s Chicago Conference – June 26 and 27

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ACI’s asbestos litigation conference series now includes a Chicago gathering on June 26 and 27. The conference includes sessions focused on science.  One example is a session on science related to talc claims. Another example is a session by Faris Farassati, a Kansas Medical Center professor speaking on:  Differential Diagnosis and Gene Studies: Using Science… Continue Reading

US Plaintiff’s Firms Now Promoting Links Between Heart Disease and Asbestos Inhalation

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US plaintiff’s firms are continuing to publicize a recent British study finding a link between heart disease and asbestos inhalation. An example from Belluck & Fox is pasted below  _____________________________________________________________________________   "A new British study reporting that workers exposed to asbestos run a higher risk of developing life-threatening illnesses in addition to mesothelioma is a… Continue Reading

Asbestos Disease Awareness meeting and Week – Another Part of the Battle for Minds When Thinking Fast and Slow

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The text in bold below is from one of many press releases and "articles" generated by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. The organization issues a constant stream of "news," thus creating many online references to asbestos and litigation. Accordingly, it provides "priming" for causing people to associate  asbestos, disease and litigation, thus fitting well into… Continue Reading

Same Couple Files Two Mesothelioma Lawsuits Days Apart in Both Madison and St. Clair Counties

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Asbestos litigation never ceases to surprise. This week’s surprise is found in an on line article by Kelly Holleran for the Madison – St. Clair County Record, a great, free on line resource for tracking events in the litigation industry in Madison and St. Clair counties.  The story is that two different law firms filed suits for the plaintiffs,… Continue Reading

Deposition Time LImits – Who Has Time to Ask About Bankrupt Entities ?

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 Ever wonder why asbestos plaintiff’s lawyers presently are spending so much time and energy trying to limit the time allowed for depositions of asbestos plaintiffs ? Obviously plaintiff’s lawyers on contingent fees prefer to spend less time in deposition than do defense lawyers being paid by the hour.  But, some say there is more to it… Continue Reading

Watch on Monday for A. M. Best Findings and Projections on Asbestos and Environmental Losses

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This article from Business Insurance overviews points from an A.M. Best study to be released on Monday with data and projections on losses from asbestos and pollution claims. Here are some excerpts from the Business Insurance advance article: “Best estimates the industry’s ultimate asbestos and environmental losses will reach $117 billion, down from a previous… Continue Reading

Asbestos – UK – Update on Various Topics

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I’m headed to London this weekend to chair an asbestos litigation conference starting On Tuesday the 29th, so this seems a good time for an update on new speakers added to the conference roster and on some UK developments regarding asbestos litigation. Conference Update: Two additional conference speakers have been added. One speaker will address… Continue Reading

New Bates White Paper on Asbestos Litigation, Bankruptcy Trusts, and Plaintiff’s Habits in Naming Defendants

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Just in time for upcoming asbestos litigation seminars. the economists at Bates White have issued a new report on asbestos litigation, asbestos trusts and the practices of plaintiff’s lawyers in choosing and naming defendants to target in lawsuits. The article is well-worth reading as it uses data from Alameda County to prove the reality that… Continue Reading

The Litigation Industry – 1 Lung Cancer and 17 Mesothelioma Lawsuits – A Week’s Worth of Madison County New Asbestos Case Filings

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Many words have been written and said about asbestos litigation and class action litigation in Madison County. Disturbingly, academics and many others lack meaningful access to many concrete facts regarding the day in, day out events in Madison County and other courts that are very active in tort litigation. Instead, war stories and antecdotes –… Continue Reading

The Next Asbestos Still Is More Asbestos

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For years, many have posed the question: what is the next “asbestos” ? The answer usually has been: more asbestos. Here is one recent example of why the answer remains largely true. The example is a plaintiff’s firm press release urging the need to treat taconite as if it is asbestos even though its never… Continue Reading

Asbestos Litigation Conference – Asbestos Bankruptcies, Chrysler, GM, and Others

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In light of this morning’s news from the General Motors chapter 11 case, and emails landing in my inbox of late, this seems an apt time to mention that the recession, chapter 11 cases and asbestos litigation are all intersecting at upcoming asbestos litigation conferences. For one, Perrin Conferences is hosting a September 14-16 asbestos… Continue Reading

Argentine Manufacturing Plant Workers Assert Asbestos Exposure Claims Against DuPont In Delaware

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Per this article from Delaware Online: June 25, 2009DuPont sued over asbestos in ArgentinaEx-Lycra plant workers say they were exposedBy ANDREW EDER and AARON NATHANSThe News Journal DuPont Co. exposed workers in Argentina to asbestos until the late 1990s despite knowing the risks of the material, according to three lawsuits filed Wednesday in Delaware.The lawsuits… Continue Reading

CSX Moving Towards Trial on Claims Against West Virginia Asbestos Plaintiff’s Firm Peirce, Raimond & Coulter and Radiologist Ray Harron

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An article by Steve Korris in the Madison County Dail Record provides an update on CSX’s lawsuit targeting the Pittsburgh-based Peirce, Raimond plaintiff’s law firm and radiologist Ray Harron, one of the doctors identified by many as facilitating bogus claiming. The case is set for trial in August on CSX’s claims that in essence accuse… Continue Reading

GM Bankruptcy Underway and the Asbestos Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Already Have Appeared in Force

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The free version of the GM docket is located here. The case is assigned to Judge Gerber, who has been handling the Thompson-Hayward asbestos bankruptcy. An Am Law Daily article here provides a nice summary of the lawyers and parties, except that somehow it missed the lawyers for the asbestos claimants. At least some of… Continue Reading