A July 3, 2015 article in The Northern Echo in the UK brings news of another suit against Cape entities. Mr. Stephenson, the plaintiff, has gone three rounds with cancer:  “Colin Stephenson, 66, had his voicebox removed due to cancer in 2009, lost part of his lung to the disease six months later and is

A new quantitative paper is out on “asbestos exposure assessment,” and authored by some notable names in asbestos research. The paper is:

Van Oyen et al, Development of a Job-Exposure Matrix (AsbJEM) to Estimate Occupational Exposure to Asbestos in Australia, Ann Occup Hyg (2015) doi: 10.1093/annhyg/mev017

The abstract provides an overview of the paper:

Current articles here and here follow up on a conference in Israel regarding a town there with high mesothelioma rates. Asbestos campaigners long-ago reported here that the town included an asbestos-cement plant that used the amphibole asbestos fibers known as crocidolite and amosite. A detailed report with pictures is available here at World Asbestos Report.