Now that the Chrsyler asset sale has been consummated, there apparently will be ample numbers of angry yterminated car dealers thinking about legal remedies. Especially for those who recently purchased or invested ample money in a dealership, a very recent Illinois Surpeme Court decision may become popular for some of those seeking remedies as it

The objection lodged in the Chrysler proceedings by a representative for asbestos plaintiffs, Ms. Pascale, once again illustrates the importance of the issues to be decided in the Manville/Travelers case awaiting a US Supreme Court decision on the scope of bankruptcy court jurisdiction. Specifically, paragraph 8 of the pleading sets out the following objection regarding

A comment/question was posed under yesterday’s post about the asbestos issues bubbling up in the Chrsyler case. The question is whether the Chrsyler bankruptcy would cause a stay of all underlying asbestos cases as against all defendants. The question is interesting and again underscores the importance of what the US Supreme Court has to say