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Predicting Outcomes at SCOTUS – AI and the Old Fashioned Way

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Comparative Law
SCOTUSblog includes a February 16, 2018 announcement of two interesting events as to predicting outcomes at SCOTUS. The entry is pasted below in full since the point seems to be to spread the word. _______________________________________________________________________________ “Event announcement: The Supreme Court and wisdom of the crowds On February 21 at 12:45 p.m. PST, Stanford University’s CodeX… Continue Reading

Will You Pick Your Next Jury Using Relatively Instant Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cancer, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues
Suppose your next jury trial involves issues about cancer. Will you be able to use AI and big data – during jury selection – to quickly find all of a possible juror’s social media comments about cancer? Check out this April 26, 2017 article at Artificial Lawyer about a firm trying to make that happen.… Continue Reading