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International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism

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 Here’s a promotion for a new book on International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism. New Titles from Hart Publishing   International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism Andrea Bianchi and Yasmin Naqvi   This book carefully and thoroughly analyses the legal questions raised by the phenomenon of terrorism, and past and recent efforts to fight it, from the perspective of international… Continue Reading

Part 2 – Seeing the The Global Mosaic of Tobacco Litigation – Professor Richard L. Cupp, Jr. Provides a Valuable Overview Article

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Part 1 of this line of posts provides an introduction to a valuable resource for seeing the global tobacco litigation mosaic. The resource is a recent law review: “International Tobacco Litigation’s Evolution as a United States Torts Law Export: To Canada and Beyond?” ("ITL"). Written by Richard L. Cupp, Jr., a Pepperdine law professor and tort scholar,… Continue Reading

A New Adventure – Joining Gnarus Advisors – a National Consulting Firm Focused on Mass Tort and Environmental Claims

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A new adventure is underway in my life. I’ve joined a wonderful group of non-lawyer experts at a national consulting firm known as Gnarus Advisors. The firm was founded by Steve Sellick, an asbestos expert for many quantitative issues, such as modeling claims for many reasons.  Steve and I have worked together for years and he… Continue Reading

Torts, Governments and Freedom of the Press

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Everything is relative in the world of injuries and torts. In the US, defendants and plaintiffs jockey back and forth, and lobby for state and federal changes in laws and/or members of the judiciary.   But, we do not have outright government censorship or reporters being blocked from investigating. Not so, it appears, in China,… Continue Reading

Update – Verizon’s 4G Wireless Network Stinks in Chicago’s Southwest Side AND Between NY and Wilmington

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An update on the post below regarding Verizon’s much touted but lousy 4G wireless modem service for the southwest side of Chicago and its southwest suburbs (specifically, along Metra’s commuter rail service known as the Southwest line). The short update is that the 4G service also failed multiple times last night while on Amtrak’s NY… Continue Reading

Seeing the The Global Mosaic of Tobacco Litigation – Professor Richard L. Cupp, Jr. Provides a Valuable Overview Article

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Yesterday’s post noted the latest chapter in big tobacco’s many losses in smoking litigation in Florida regarding individual cancers and other injuries. Florida is a real problem for the tobacco industry. So is the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s embrace of low-dose CT scans as medical monitoring appropriate for a subset of smokers and former smokers.  But, Florida… Continue Reading

Tobacco Industry Takes Another Hit in Florida

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Big tobacco took another hit in Florida as the state supreme court refused to hear an appeal from an intermediate appellate court decision on a post-Engle trial verdict for $ 28 million. AmLaw’s Litigation Daily provides this fairly extensive article by David Bario with myriad links to opinions, past article and briefs. The key take… Continue Reading

Cross-border Legal Education is Growing

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Cross-border legal education is growing.  Global CLE and legal conferences exist, and some law schools, graduate schools and undergraduate schools (e.g Valparaiso) have for years had international exchange programs focused on China and Japan, or pre-law programs and  "sister" school relationships for exchange programs. Now some legal educators are moving further down the path towards… Continue Reading

The British Open Golf Tournament and Breast Cancer Illustrate the Need to Demand Better at the UN Summit on Cancer and Other Noncommunicable Diseases

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Cancer made its mark this weekend at a world-stage golf tournament, and the facts illustrate why people can and should demand better on cancer from our national and world leaders.  Set out below are some facts and links to places you can easily speak out in advance of  a September, 2011 summit of world leaders… Continue Reading

BP Oil Rig Deposition Excerpts Now Appearing on YouTube and Other Media – What Will and/or Should be Done ?

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Video-taped depositions create interesting media situations related to mass tort claims.  For example, BP’s former CEO was deposed in June, 201,  and excerpts are now online on YouTube (multiple videos will show up from a search for "Tony Hayward"). Apparently, however, there is a pretrial order purporting to preclude dissemination of excerpts from the depositions. The… Continue Reading

Major New Study Explicitly Identifies Deformed Limbs, Heart Defects, and Other Birth Defects Caused by Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

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Smoking imposes a staggering human and financial toll through the cancers it causes. Less well defined and known are the human and financial costs of birth defects caused by smoking during pregnancy. This  major new study from the UK helps to define the burden as it comprehensively reviews 50 years of scientific papers, and presents… Continue Reading

Canadian Researchers Find THE Stem Cell for the Human Blood System, Opening a New Door to Regenerative Medicine, such as Stem Cell Transplants

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Lacking an influential religious right wing, Canada is a leader in stem cell research. Indeed, much of the fundamental, early proof of stem cells is credited to Canadian researchers. Here’s a Canadian-centric timeline of stem cell discoveries.  Now the Canadians have made another breakthrough stem cell discovery. Specifically, they’ve found and isolated the stem cell capable… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Industry Under Investigation for Failing to Do the Right Thing – That Is, Insurers Choose to Ignore Data Showing Deaths of Policyholders

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The insurance industry never ceases to amaze. Set out below is a Wall Street Journal  story on an investigation  by state Attorney’s General into the industry member’s practices in connection with life insurance.  Apparently the industry members use a Social Security database to find death data allowing them to cut off payments of benefits when… Continue Reading

Call for Papers from Cambridge Journals for New Publication: Transnational Environmental Law

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Here’s a promotional plug for a new, global law journal focused on environmental law.  The information below is online here.   TRANSNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW  New in 2012   CALL FOR PAPERS  Editors in Chief  Dr Veerle Heyvaert, LSE Mr Thijs Etty, VU University Amsterdam Editors  Professor Daniel Farber, UC Berkeley  Professor Joanne Scott, UCL … Continue Reading

Eternit’s Asbestos-Cement History Back in the News as Italian Prosecutors Seek 20 Year Criminal Sentences Related to Asbestos Exposures at Manufacturing Plants

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Eternit and asbestos are in the news again in Italy as the Eternit trials move forward. Set out below is the full text of this article which picks up from Italian press stories. Note that Italy allows the joinder of criminal and civil claims into one proceeding, a practice exactly opposite of the practice in the… Continue Reading